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25 Oct 18
Greetings T3 Folks -

Greetings T-3 Folks -

I have a few things to pass on - the first of which is unfortunately sad.  I received an email from Rick Rogers, who I believe was Air Force at DMS from 1979-83.  I was not aware of the fact that Rick’s in-laws were SFC(Ret) Bill (DMS 1968-78) and Frances Dean.  Bill was a DMS Charter Member.  Rick married their daughter and I have to apologize that I don’t know her name (Mrs Rogers…).  Anyway Bill Dean’s wife Fran passed away this past October 17th.  I thought I had found an obituary and actually had it pasted below only to find out the Frances Dean I found died October 17th, 2011.  She also had a husband named Bill.  Small world.  Anyway our thoughts and prayers go out to the Dean and Rogers family.  If you want anymore information please email Rick at  Thanks for letting us know Rick.

Among the unpleasantries in this email I have to add that although this is unpleasant it is also good news.  The bad news is about LTC(Ret) George and Suzanne Desrochers property in South Carolina.  As I am sure most of you know the south east has been ravaged by hurricanes this year.  First by hurricane Florence and then by hurricane Michael.  Good news is that the Desrochers’ main home in Swansboro, North Carolina,  although had some exterior damage to a pier behind their home,  survived well enough for them to be able to provide temporary shelter to a neighbor family that lost their home.  Bad news is that the Desrochers’s rental home at Emerald Isle, NC sustained some major damage and needs extensive repair.  Back to the good news - George and Suzanne were not physically hurt at all and for that I am happy.

In my now favorite thing to write about I have a  Close Encounters of the DMS kind to report.  This past Monday my wife and I were visited by SFC(Ret) Stu and Lisa Lobel.  The Lobel’s have been residing in Boca Raton, Florida since Stu retired from the Army in 1993.  Stu was a mainstay at DMS in print from around 1985 until 1993.  He was very instrumental in raising funds for the DMS Picnic while he was there.  In my early days as a civilian at the school Stu was my boss.  Our friendship has continued now for around thirty years.  We feasted together at a local Chinese Buffet and talked about a lot of good memories.  Thanks for stopping guys!!

In my are you kidding me department I was looking at a VW hat I was given for spending over thirty grand on a new VW for my bride.  On the sweatband it had the website you can go to about all the German engineered products they produce.  Then it read “Made in China”.  Oh well…..

One more personal note that smacked me in the face the other day - when my wife and I first got married, 28 June 1968, we eloped.  Neither of our families seemed to happy with us talking marriage after only a couple months of knowing each other hence after three months and three days of dating we found a justice of the peace.   Mary’s family, rich in Civil War heritage, didn’t like the idea of her marrying a damn Yankee.  My folks never came up with a reason but just thought we hadn’t thought it out and that we were rushing into it.  Eventually we each won over the respective in-laws.  At the urging of my folks we got married in the church while I was stationed in Hawaii exactly 18 months later, 28 December 1969.  Therefore I am proud to say that this coming 28 December we will be celebrating our 99th wedding anniversary.  Can anyone top that?  Poor Mary….

And now my usual plug for out next get together - Monday, November 12th, around 1130 hours, at the China King in Woodbridge.  It is conveniently located across Opitz Blvd from the Olive Garden.  It is the observance of Veterans Day and should be a holiday for most which makes this an easy lunch to attend.  Traffic should be light - no excuses unless of course it is too far in which case please think of us.  November is an odd numbered month hence it will be for lunch.  Hope to see some new faces.

                                                                Jack  540-846-5413