Defense Mapping School
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End - Of - The - Trail

DMS closed it's doors in 2011 after 98 years of unprecedented achievements in... well you name it. ALL those accomplishments were a direct result of it's people. Please sit and visit for awhile and rekindle old relationships...with many of those folks.
1974 Colonel Kurtz said: " DMS our product is people, not paper as in other components...our new motto in the Topographic Sciences Division --- "THINK PEOPLE". While he most probably was thinking Students I would like to think the below thumb-nail images of cadre and dedicated professionals were also what he had in mind.

The purpose in showing the below +2,000 images is to give you a sense of the magnitude of power you had at the DMS. Because of the sources used in harvesting them some of those images are difficult to see most of anything.

Please don't complain about the images being "out of focus" - "too dark" - "washed out", "grainy", etc. etc... What you are looking at is all there was to work from --- and it's all mostly seventh and eighth generation imagery.

The photo gallery below is divided into 8 pages with approximately 250 images per page.  Used the scroll bar on the right to scroll through all 250 images on each page. Click on any image to enlarge.