Defense Mapping School
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Luncheons and Dinners
December 2015
Late October 2015
13 July 2015
9 March 2015
3 March 2015
9 February 2015
We have our own Laureate --- Jack  Twas a nasty rainy Monday during mid Jan I drove to China King without my wife's van I feared as I drove up it might only be me As more than likely I'd be sans company As the rain came down there was only a glare And I sat in my car alone in despair When out of the mist did a white van appear And inside were DMSrs so obviously dear With Francis and John and Pat and Don The printers came through with such an impression That I completely forgot about my depression I smiled as they opened their door And though the rain did continue to pour We smiled and hugged and shared our greetings When up drove a car to join our meeting Inside was Bill with his bride Arlene Ah, at least, a former Marine And then who came, what more can I say But none other than the great Bill McCray And with us hungry heading for the palace Up did drive Santa Bill and his wife Alice The McWilliams, the Suttons, The Portts and a Batt We all went inside and there we sat And then the party did then grow some As in came the Tarry's, Virgil and Young Rainy and miserable was the condition outside But inside were some with their nice brides And so you'd think this was at ends But low and behold in came John Jens And so dear folks that can't join us at noon A reminder to you that our next dinner's soon So next Monday around six thirty or so We meet again to have some General Tso It's China King near Potomac Mills One thing that's great is the Hibachi Grill The DMS folks we are oh so fine We'll meet again on February nine Come one come all and bring the spouse Its good some time to leave the house Doesn't matter if you are college or school Don't let me sit alone and look like a fool As long as you are able to spell the word map You are invited to join us after your long winter's nap Hope this ditty brought a smile or two But thank goodness now I'm finally through
World famous Poet Laureates of the 19th and 20th Century
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From left to right there is Russ Cavender, Ray Chapman, Gene Tatum, Russís bride Tanya; Barney Free, and the Mersereauís, Bruce and Elsie. 
John Jens and Ray Chapman
This photo shows Gene talking with Bruce and Elsie.  SGM Mersereau summed it up well when he met Gene when he said ďit is indeed an honor meeting youĒ.  You can meet him too if you attend our next lunch this coming Monday, May 9th
9 May 2016
Jo and Gina Lynch.  Looking at Jo you wouldn't know she is 90 years old!
Marine Corps "buds" Gene and Bob with Jack in the Middle
L to R - Bob Urban, Jo and Gina Lynch, John Jens, Virgil Tarry, Lylton Jackson, Gene Tatum and Jack Batt behind the camera.
January 9th, 2017 Luncheon
Our last luncheon was super.  We were visited by who I believe is our oldest living student.  Allen Anderson, an Agency HOFr,  graced us with his presence.  He only stayed for a while and after he was gone I cussed myself out for not taking a photo of him.  Allen was a student at the old Enlisted Menís School at Fort Belvoir  from September 1946 to December 1946.
Also at our luncheon besides Allen Anderson and myself were SGM Bill and Mrs (Pearl) McCray, Russ and Tonya Cavender, Virgil and Young Tarry, Lylton Jackson, John Jens and my super vet Gene Tatum.

-Jack Batt
9 January 2017
13 March 2017
Left side Bill Sutton, Moi, Don Roberts, Karl Abt, Benie Lynch and Pearl McCray.  Right side Russ Cavender, Tonya Cavender, Bill Portt, Virgil Tarry and Bill McCray.
We had a new member join us.  Bennie Lynch, with cohort Virgil Tarry  Bennie looked the same as evidently retirement hasnít caused him to age at all.
China King Buffet

14345 Potomac Mills Rd, Woodbridge, VA 22192
Come fill your plate and sit for a bit to see your old friends.

12 Aug - Dinner 6:30 PM
9 Sep - Lunch 11:30 AM
14 Oct - Dinner 6:30 PM

Join us at the China King  in Woodbridge. Always the second Monday of every month - even months for evening dinner and odd numbered months for lunch.