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3 July 2017
Greetings T3 Folks -

Once again I had a lot of things in mind and once again the brain took a dump.  First things first - for those of you within travel distance of Woodbridge we have our monthly get together at the China King across from Olive Garden on the opposite side of Opitz Boulevard in Woodbridge.  Odd numbered month so it is lunch - 1130 or so until we have exhausted things to talk about or they run out of food.  If you need directions please give me a shout.

On June 29th SGM (now RET) Jesus Vega hung up his uniform for the last time.  He had a nice ceremony at Fort Meyer.  DMSrs in attendance besides the good Sergeant Major and his bride Annette were Dale Cuave, MSG(Ret) Ken Corbett, SSG(Ret) Christian Levesque and SFC(Ret) Mike Morris.  Normally I would have been there but the day before was my poor bride’s 49th wedding anniversary.  We went down to the Great Smoky Mountains and stayed in Pigeon’s Forge.  Anyway I was promised pictures from Jesus’s retirement but my email has been toasted for a couple months now and either they are in cyber space or planned.  Hopefully we will get them to Ray Chapman so he can post them on our famous website .   If I understand correctly the SGM is planning on working at the Agency.  More on that when I know better or at least think I know better.  Congratulations Mr Vega!!  Wish I was there.

Talked with Bob Urban last week.  “Bobby Spoons” is part of a Bluegrass Band called :The Accidental Jug Band”.  They just released a CD  called Whitesbog Boogie.  Bob, a charter DMSr, retired Marine and overall great guy, plays the harmonica and the spoons.  You can search their Facebook page, like it, and also get the instructions of how to buy their CD.  Between Harold Hester and his books and Bob Urban and his music the old time DMSrs will keep you entertained.  In fact both Harold and Bob’s roots go back to the United States Army Engineer Center, Department of Topography better known at D-TOPO.   Bob is still recovering from a bad fall where he broke his arm in multiple places and I think his shoulder. 

On June 14th while waiting for some engraving at the Spotsylvania Town Center I took a nine second break from my phone and looked up and saw Bill Sutton sitting about eight feet six and a half inches away from me.  Hence another Close Encounter of the DMS Kind.  Bill as usual looked good.  Want to see him also?  More than likely he will be at our lunch next Monday!!

In the hard to believe it category this week marks eight years since I retired as a civilian.  I will always cherish my good memories and all the great friends I made during my thirty plus years at the school.  I truly miss the camaraderie that kept the roof rattling on our buildings.  God bless you all!!  And Happy Fourth of July!!

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