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4 October 2017
Greetings T3 Folks -

Sorry Iím late again.  Those of  you close to me know that for the past three weeks I have been house husband to my bride.  Mary had knee replacement surgery just over three weeks ago.  As an incentive for her to get better I have been trying to do housework and cook.  Thank goodness for my daughter in law for bringing over a couple casseroles that lasted at least three days each. And bless her heart as she knows what I donít like and none of that was there.  I am terrified of broccoli.  Basically I donít like any vegetable that is hard to spell.  Spell check saved me there.  I told my wife that I would handle the housework while she recovered.  I  had no idea it included laundry, vacuuming, cleaning dishes, taking care of the cats and making the bed.   I thought all it was was watching soap operas and I knew I could skip that.   Iíve learned a lot in the past three weeks.  Biggest thing is that if the eye on the stove is left on for several hours the kitchen gets warm.   What didnít help matters is that two days before her surgery we took in another kitten.  Poor thing was only a pound  five ounces and I guess around five weeks old.  After three weeks it is up to two pounds twelve ounces and ruling the other cats.  For those of you that know us you probably did the math and realize that we now have ten indoor cats.  For those of you that donít know that I guess I just let the cat out of the bag.  Oh - and there are three more and a raccoon living in the garage.  Our name is Batt so that is my excuse. 

Bumped into a retired Marine the other day.  Turns out he was a USMC printer but never has been to DMS.  For those of you USMC rooted folks Iíll throw his name out - it is Dave Miksad.  He is from around the Vietnam era.  Any of you know him?

Another USMC note is sad in one way and accepted in another.  My super vet friend Gene Tatem lost his bride of 69 years two weeks ago.  She had Alzheimerís for the past six years.  Very sad disease.  She basically didnít know who he was for the past six years.  She was interred at Quantico.  John Jens and I attended the service.  First one I have been to there for a dependent.  They do a very reverent service.  God bless the soul of Adell Tatem.

Speaking of reverence a good amount of the NFL is failing to show just that during our National Anthem.  ExDMSr Al Yovorsky sent out a very good opinion of that.  It was as follows: 

What I think about the NFL football players are doing while our U.S. National Anthem is being played!
"Iíve probably got a lot of thoughts on that. I suppose everybody has a right to display their first-amendment rights. I donít think there is any squawk about that. But I think there is a time and place. I personally donít think half the fellows that are probably doing it understand what theyíre doing. I donít think that the sporting field is the right place.
ďI know the President (Donald Trump) got involved in it. Wish he hadnít. I know some of the owners who probably felt one way had to support their players, so you get a very confusing answer as to what youíve got.
ďI personally have always felt like, no matter where I went in the world, whenever the national anthem was played for any country I always stood and took my hat off and respected that anthem, and what it was, and what it meant to the people that were there. Every time the national anthem is played, I get - and I have for 60, 70 years - still get a chill up and down my spine. Every time itís played. I think it supports, (and) honors, the meaning of people who have given their lives, who have given their time and effort for our country, and they need to be respected for that.
ďI think thereís a time and place, and I hope theyíll figure that out over time. I donít believe the national anthem is the place to do that - but I canít fault them because itís their right (to protest).
ďItís a very difficult question to answer when you ask me. Everyone who answers that question cannot properly answer it. They donít want to disrespect the rights of the kids. And you donít want to disrespect our country. So how do you answer it?
ďDoes it tell you that Alejandro Villanueva (the Pittsburgh Steelers lineman who stood alone on the field while the anthem played, with the rest of his team in the locker room on Sunday) is the best-selling jersey since last Sunday? Does that tell you what people think! Well, that's the way I think and I may buy a Villanueva jersey too.  AlexĒ

Hope you donít mind me forwarding that Al.  Thank you for sending it.  Good points for sure.  If you know me you know I am a Washington Redskin fan and being so I am required by law to despise the Cowboys and Jerry Jones.  At the beginning of the Cowboyís game the other week just before the National Anthem all the ďBoyísĒ and Jerry were kneeling in unity.  Then as the Anthem started they all stood up.  They got their point across and still maintained reverence for our Flag.  That was class.  I liked them for that but as soon as it was over and the kickoff was made I was required by law to hate them again.  Hail to the Redskins - God Bless the USA.

The world lately has been a scary place.  Houston, St Maartenís, St Thomas, Puerto Rico and all the other small islands south of Florida as well as parts of Florida have had a season they will never forget.   Add to that North Korea, Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and other places in turmoil and we have a mess.  If you have not been affected by any of the aforementioned places you can count your blessings.  Prayers to the rest.

And a quick shout out to Ray Chapman - thanks Ray - the is looking great!

Next informal dinner is this coming Monday evening - itís a holiday so traffic should be very light. If you are within easy travel distance please give it a thought.  Even numbered month so 1830 hours or so at the China King in Woodbridge.  Dependents are more than welcomed.  Like to see us break attendance records!  Most we ever had was 22 so it is attainable.