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7 November 2017
Greetings T3 Folks -

Hope this finds the retired bunch resting well and the employed bunch employed.  Veterans day is fast approaching and a great way to celebrate would be to join us for lunch on the 13th of this Month at China King in Woodbridge.  As usual with November being an odd numbered month we will meet for lunch.  The China King is conveniently located across from Potomac Mills in Woodbridge.  Of course it is convenient providing you are within driving distance.  For me itís a 43 mile hike but the distance doesnít come into play.  We meet anywhere from 1130-1200 and stay untilÖÖno real quitting time.  You stay until you want to leave or when they close that night - whatever comes first.

No real news to throw out this time.  Bumped into SGM(Ret)(RIP) Ches Cummins granddaughter again.   She said the SGMís widow is not doing well.  Sadly I donít recall Chesleyís wifeís name.  She lives in Florida.

On a personal note my brideís knee replacement is slowly getting her back to normal.  Although she never kicked me in the butt she should be able to pretty soon.  And the tenth member of our cat zoo has been blending in well.   Guessing he is about four months old now.  His mother, a feral member of our cat community, looks pregnant again.  Anyone like a kitten??  We have been trying to control the cat population by taking in all the young ones we can but itís at the catsuration point now.   I just added that word to my vocabulary.  Catsuration - makes sense.   And although I have said this before I will repeat it now - with cats said to have nine lives and us having ten cats that means we have ninety lives.  Maybe we will squeeze in one more - ninety-nine sounds cool - sort of the catís meow.  Oh - Like Iíve said before we also have been feeding three or four in the garage along with a possum and a raccoon.  Hey, my name is Batt - Iíve said that before as well - that has to be expected.  Lucky for me my bride is also an animal lover.

Election day - tough choice for Virginia Governor.  My personal beliefs are pro-life and anti-gun and neither supports both.   We have all seen too much gun violence lately.   I had a paragraph above where I was venting on both.  I deleted it.  We all have our opinions.

Hope to see the lunch tables full.  We had a pretty good group last month.  My apologies for all that took me up on my statement that last monthís dinner being on Columbus Day that the traffic would be light.  I forgot how slow the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria were.  God Bless the USA!!