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Photo Gallery
Being behind bldgs 214/215 during the month of May is not advised unless you are a duck. Washington, DC climate is warm during summer when temperatures tend to be ugly to nice however the wettest month of the year is May. Owners of VWs and anything not made by GM seemed to always car-pool in vans that month.
Commander Dan Taube, one of our navy's best trying out a potential new uniform - we hope the season was Christmas.
Phil Herr and Eric Clairmont, both retired Army Lithographer Warrant Officers. Phil had the distinction of transferring from the Navy as an Lithographer to the Army as a Reproductoin Technician. They served with DMS approximately late 70s to early 80s.
A Photolithography student from the early 2000s that clearly demonstrates that all printers will have dirty hands but not all are ugly!
Lewis, Mike and retired 30th Engineer Battalion Commander Colonel Christ Potomas – Christ, better known as Chris, came to the school as a civilian and became the best damn facility engineer we could ever hope for. He was never shy in picking up a tool and doing the job himself!! He still lives in Northern Virginia and graces us often at our semi-monthly informal luncheons!
School icons from the modern day era  COL(Ret) William Stockhausen, SGM(Ret) Jake Bernard, CW3(Ret) Jim Harnden, and COL(Ret) Robert Slusar.
Air Force SMSgt(Ret) Lylton B. Jackson, Army MAJ(Ret) Don Fagan, better known as "DF", Army CW3(RET) Norman C. Andersen (RIP) with his best side facing the camera, and Dale Cuave, Survey extraordinaire just a little before ending his thirty year tenure with the school house.
Air Force MSgt(RET) Richard Cantey and long time DMS/DMA icon Dale Andersen.
USMC MSgt(RET) Robert Urban a.k.a. "Bobby Spoons" and his bride Barbara at Bobby's DoD retirement luncheon. Bob graced the halls of 214 off and on since 1965
COL(Ret) Dan Clark talking to former DMS SGM Paul Swartz
 In retirement, in the business world you get a Gold Watch and a golden umbrella. In military units you normally get some kind of engraved tank or rifle or desk-set or Survey Marker BUT in the world of the Topographer we get the now Infamous Blau Map. Actually, it's kinda nice that also goes along with “our” Golden Parachute, the retirement check for life.
Rick Rogers doing a presentation for a Basic Geodetic Survey Course in 1980.
Surveying Class
LTC Ruhl looks to be discussing family with Dean David Dougherty in a relaxed atmosphere
Air Force Lt Gen James R. Clapper (ret) the current Director of National Intelligence after serving circa. 2006 as the Director of the National Geospatial Intelligent Agency
L to R - COL Bob Slusar, COL Stu Harrison and COL Dan Clark
On the right is retired MSG Mike Edwards with 1SG (ret) Lewis Stapp. Stapp is one of only four we know now that was at the school in the 1940s (1947)
This image is actually a postcard of the Engineer Replacement Center circa,the 1940s. The School is just out of sight on the far left.
SFC Mena at Promotion party
MSG Banco , CW5 (Ret) Jeff Popp and SGM Rodriguez
John Jens and Chuck Geisewite
SGM (Ret) Charles Locke chatting with DMS Admin ICON MSG (Ret) Gene Willis - in the background is John Sarles
GySgt Robert Gonzalez
L to R .... Dave Lehman, Paul Wilson and Will Freeze
LTC Randy Reynolds and Michael Morris
Not real sure... but there seems to be some serious negotiations going on here
CMDR John Mykyta retirement ceremoney -- Former DMS Deputy Commander
L-R MSG James Pardue, SSG Jose Rios and CW4 Angel Martinez
On the right is the reigning longevity champ of the school 1982 to present -- Jeff Hamn
Dave Pedeneau
L-R Rick Barrowman, SFC Lacey Dunn and SFC Gregg Heitkamp
Debbie Allen says goodbye to Dan Olexio
LTC Christian Prescott bids farewell to Dan Olexio
L-R Peggy Burkes, Dana Reeves and LTC Dan Olexio
Jim Harris
on the right is Silvia Landry Dorsey
COL Stu Harrison presenting JSCM to SSG DeShante Crawford
SFC Kirby Hall(Ret) and Ms Janet Brooks
COL Harrison -- MSG Bruce Porter
Major and MRS Sharpton
Katie Robeson, Marlena Beata, MAJ McBee wishing LTC Olexio well
the one smiling is LTC Randy Reynolds
SFC Roldan Loerda
MSG Tim Penton
SGM Vigil with DMS School Alumnis - Orlando Polk is the guy trying to sleep
Bryce McDonald
Mark Windland
CW3(ret) Herb Kressler and 1946 School Alumni Allen Anderson
CW3 (ret) Norm Andersen shaking hands with 1SG (Ret) Lewis Stapp -- First time they had seen each other for over thirty years!
L to R and apparently listening very intensly are -- MAJ (Ret) Don Faxon, COL (Ret) Dan Clark, MAJ (Ret) John Jens nad COL (Ret) Bob Slusar
L to R -- SSG Chris Levesque - the man in the cap is unknown at this time, Les Fitzgerald and Garrett Moore. The even seems to be the group wanted to watch the movie "W" together.
Gary Cox in foreground, Timdo Kim is front right --- center COL (Ret) Christ Potomas former CO 30th Engr Bn and Custodial Engineer of DMS
CW3 (Ret)Garrett Moore nad SGM (Ret) Paul Swartz
L to R MSG Ken Corbett, SGM (Ret) Bill Locke and Dave Lehman
LTC (Ret)Robert Alpacarra and Jack Batt
Back left is COL Robert Slusar, CW3 (Ret)David Earl Miller, COL (Ret) Robert Zebell and Lynn Kelcher
Left is Patty Waters - Heflin with Reuben Cook
A Drafting class in 1918 - If this were in color and you could "smell" you would see bright yellow #2 pencils and smell "art-gum and ruby red erasers"
the first mission of The School of Lithography was to design, edit and publish a post newspaper hence the establishment of The Castle in May of 1918.  That publication succumbed to the Eagle after the Engineer School moved to Fort Leonard Wood but basically still services the Fort Belvoir Community.  The picture attached is a copy of the first edition.   A copy from October 1918 was presented to the school and I hope is on display somewhere as it cost Jack twenty bucks to buy!!
I'm not sure of the reason for this meeting/picture -anyone?? Heitmann Auditorium of GAD in the late 80s. Ahhhhhh remember the days where everyone was told to look like statues - "Ok now, left hand over the right fingers extended and joined - smile - say "cheese"". I have to tell you I really enjoy the digital cameras where you can click away and then throw away those no one likes. I also have to admit --- this is a pretty decent looking group --- weeeeell maybe Bill is the exception
Circa 1988 when the DMS Softball team won trophies. Not sure where the beer mug came from but what-the-hell - winners can do whatever they want.
James Kithcart
GySgt Tevis Lang and LTC Dan Olexio
"IT" Guru -- Bruce Bynum
Scott "Doug" Halbach - Facility Engineer
GySgt Robert Richards with Admiral Murrett
Nicol James
Russ Cavender
Dave Lehman and SGM (Ret) Jake Bernard
SGM Cecelio Rodriguez and SFC (Ret) Paul Jenkins
Bill Farr and Norm Andersen
James Kithcart --- If you have never heard his preaching online --- you should!
A Typical Graduation scene in Heitman Auditorium
L to R Wayne Batts, Dave Cook and Jay McClatchey
Ms Cynthia Tubman-Smith .... Long time administrative assisstant to the Commandant and Dean
Col Harrison and LTC Olexio
SGM Cecelio Rodriquez
"...Ooooh Holy night...."
LTC (Ret) Dan Olexio and family at his retirement Luncheon
COL Stu Harrison "chatting" with......
Sergeant Major of the Army Preston (circa mid 2000 - He held that rank / grade from 2004 -2011) visiting DMS
LTC (Ret) Voccio
Retired DMS Director Dave Maune
Long time DMS ICON --- John L. Bassett
MSG Ken Corbett at his retirement
The LAST School house Army Surveyors... L to R .. MSG Robertson, SSG Levesque and SFC Heitkamp
SFC (Ret) Tim Brennan
COL Stu Harrison and GySgt Tomaszewski
Alumni Day 2004
SFC Jeremy Culp, giving a tour to DMS Alumni. Wayne Batts in far left.
Being a guest speaker at graduations was always a high point for me at DMS.
Norm Andersen (deceased)
Alumni Day circa 2004 --- Norm Andersen, LTC Zebell, Howard Lucas, Lew Stapp, Paul Jenkins, Bryce McDonald...
LTC (Ret) Voccio and wife
Orlando Polk
General Planert recognizing SFC Bacon with a challenge coin
COL Butler on right
MSG Tim Penton and SFC Michael Morris each seems to each trying to "lead"... Actually -- they are practicing for a change of Command.
COL Bob Wallace
Mr. Tom Yanosky receiving a copy of his "Cartography Through the Ages". Tom was born in 1918 - the same year the school started on Belvoir (Camp Humphries)
Bill Dean
SGM Jesus Vega and SFC Webb
SSG Todd Grabinski working on what looks like the Starship Enterprise
SGM Lisa Jones
L to R Howard Lucas, Russ Cavender and Don Johnson
COL(Ret) Dan Clark talking to former DMS SGM Paul Swartz
Farr -- Bill was a Major in DMS from 1980-1984. Above image is Bill's 2012 retirement from USASOC
Ms Peggy Burks supervising two BLITH student
A typical BLITH team with their instructor SSG Roger Mendiola. It should be noted that if you look over Roger's left shoulder you will see his biggest fan!!
A poor defenseless student being supervised by SFC Chris White and Mr Dana Reeves.
COL Bob Slusar in an attempt to become one of the Blues Brothers during Halloween .
 Bob Urban on the left and James Kithcart on the right.  Bob is a retired USMC MSG and retired civil servant from the school house.  Bob, a photolithographer,  is one of the finest personnel to ever grace the halls of DMS.  Bob goes by the name of Bobby Spoons at a Blue Grass theater in Camden, New Jersey where he is the host.  To his right is James Kithcart.  If you want to see something real special listen to James on youtube at – James is a Christian preacher besides being an outstanding lesson plan guru at the school now.
MSG(Ret) Wesley Bohannan receiving his well earned civilian retirement certificate and certificate of appreciation from COL Slusar in 1999. Bo also retired from the school when in the military.
up the road from Fort Belvoir was a place noted for their subs and salads – Bozzelli Brothers Deli – unrivaled with taste and value – I can still drool thinking about their steak, pepperoni and cheese sub!  Road construction lead to their demise in Lorton but to the delight of many they relocated to a location on Fort Belvoir where they still are today.  I am sure school personnel bought thousands of those subs over the years!
SFC(Ret) Bryce McDonald and 1SG(Ret) Lewis Stapp. Over 60 years ago they were in TOPO together and they are good friends today living perhaps ten miles apart.
MSG James (JIM) Button---US Army Retired---Surveying Consultant and Chief Polling Judge SL78-2 (G11A-2) Cumberland CO. N.C.
Dale Cuave sent this image of his mug - I still have mine, somewhere. Thanks Dale
The casing of the DMS flag with COL Robert Slusar on the right, SGM Paul Swartz and Mr Dave Broadhurst College (NGC) Dean
Dale Cuave, Where else can you work for 30 years and in the same style clothing?
Here you can see a real Civil War reenactor - Dana Reeves started in the Press Room in 1996. He later crossed-trained into the GEOINT community and is excelling there also.
Ray Chapman, Dave Miller (RIP) and Bob Urban. Far right is John Aranza talking with someone
right: McCray, Reeves, Roberts, Sutton, Batt in the back row - up front Cuave and Jackson
April 1980 at Fort Belvoir, Virginia Defense Mapping School Basic Geodetic Survey School (special extended USAF course)(L to R) Instructor TSgt Bruce Porter, students SSgt Ken Vath & Sgt Peter Lavallee with DKM-3. Smoke 'um if you got'um
Billy Peoples receiving meaningful gift from Wayne Ethridge showing the history of his military career - circa: 1975
Gus Person is the Fort Belvoir Historian and a marvelous person to know. Gus on several occasions was our guide on staff rides to the Civil War sites. He was also very very helpful in helping find 1918 historical information on the school that is being used here in the site.
Jim Harnden, Don Roberts, John Aranza (RIP), Jake Bernard and Barney Free.
COL Philip R. Hoge Command & Director ETL 1977-1978
Turn those over and you will see "Batt" scratched on the backs. many of us had one, few had all.
Jack at his retirement - there is no way in hell anyone will get that grin off his face, not for a while anyway. Jack is a repository of information and facts. You will see his words throughout this site.
circ.'75-'79 the then Cpt John Jens escorting MG Martin (Director DMA) on a tour of the Survey Plt at the 649th Topo Bn, Tompkins barracks, Schwetzingen FRG. MG Martin has recently passed away and I have no further information at this time.
Clicking Image will take you to a readable Contour article of this 2nd Advanced Lithography graduating (ALITH) class...Article and Image was furnished by SSG(Ret) Lowell W. Haskin (standing left side) Printing Department from Dec. 1988 - May 1995 as a Master Instructor. He now lives in Layton, Utah that's Next to Hill, AFB. Lowell worked for Printech for 15 years in the Pre-press Department. He says he is currently working part time for Advantage Printing in the Pre press.
Lynn Keleher – she is the Registrar for the School and has been since 1986 when she took over for Ed Franke I believe. At this point (Dec 2011) she is the longest reigning govie member of the school house and is retiring the end of this month. Twenty-five years is a life-time in one position and most certainly a full-career. Well done and a heart-felt thank you Lynn
A 1918 Site map of Fort Belvoir whan it was named Camp Humphreys - Of note, it has a section just for colored recruits noted in dashed lines.
An Aerial view of Camp Humphreys taken by Jack with his overhead
This turned out to be kind of a farce as it is a picture of a cake at one of our Biggest celebrations- the school motto was "Strength through Knowledge" and the cake folks screwed up both words - Tasted a lot better then it looked.
Mark "Scoop" Martin a former USMC SSgt and DoD civilian instructor at the school house. Scoop taught in layout and camera. Mark got the nickname "Scoop" because he worked for a mortuary part-time recovering dead bodies. Presently he works full time in the funeral business and has added cremations to his list of undertaking skills.
SGM(Ret) Bill McCray (standing on the left) and Air Force MSgt Steve Cvetkovic. Bill, a lithographer in trade, was an OPS SGM when he got promoted to SGM in 1975  Later on post he became the Sergeant Major of Computer Systems Command (CSC).  After his Army retirement he returned to DMS as a tech writer in the Graphic Arts Department (GAD) until he retired again in 1995 with DMS icon John Aranza. As a bit of now history, Steve was DMS's last Air Force lithographer.
If you know what you are looking at, congratulations you belong to an honored few.
Garrett Moore on the T4 theodolite in the old DMS observatory known affectionately as the Out House. The photo is about 1976 vintage taken when Jim Harnden, Wayne Gleason and Garrett were the principal instructors of the 16-week Advanced Geodetic survey Course. Astro observations were a major part of that course, but now it's all done by satellite. This was about a year before he made Warrant Officer.
Don Roberts and Todd Pollard directing camera removal
Just to prove we repeat history, this is the removal of a Rutherford Mac Process camera in 1976 from the same opening We have to assume the opening was closed for those 25 years.
An "Admiral" process camera going out the second floor opening on the east side of building 214 in April of 2001
May 13th has come and gone. as I hope you know the Agency (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency- NGA) is now headquartered in Springfield, Virginia in a magnificent workplace conducive with everything except parking. Our beloved school which merged with the NGA College prior to moving to Fort Leonardwood still has a lot of its former employees at NGA. That in itself makes it a warm place to visit as familiar faces are everywhere. The Agency has a fairly large Alumni group that is well organized and actually pretty formal. The Agency has now hosted them twice presenting the new digs for them to look at. Through the gracious efforts of Al Anderson, our former 1946 student, and Ange Meoli, the Agency Alumni group head honcho, our modest informal group was invited to partake in the Agency’s hosting of the former insiders now classified as outsiders. My sincere thanks to Al and Ange as well as Kathy Smith and all the others involved with that effort that allowed us to visit. Our former school members that participated in the Agency’s hosting were: Stu Harrison, Dave Maune, Bill Farr, John Jens, Garrett Moore, Bill Locke, Bob Urban, Fred Church, Dale Anderson and myself. Some of the former DMS/NGC folks that were there were: Dave “Doc” Dougherty, Tom Mayberry (one of the presenters!!), Sylvia Landry Dorsett, Benny Lynch, Jeff Hamn, Jack Heidenescher, James Kithcart, Bill Belokon, Virgil Tarry, John Bassett, Tiffany Epps, Bruce Mersereau, Chris Levesque, Tina Rosenberg, Cathy Gnam, Robert Alcaparra and Debbie Allen. Hope I didn’t miss anyone. During the previous trip there I also saw Al Pequero, Janet Brooks, Peggy Burkes, Peggy Brooks, Jerome Leary, Ben Cumbo, Doug Halbach, Dana Reeves, Ken Corbett, Dave Pedneau, Scott Buschbacher and others. After the briefing we had a lunch buffet that was surprisingly good. Leaving the Agency was just as smooth as getting in. Sincere thanks go to all involved. It felt good being home again!! The above was lifted from a Jack Batt E-Mail to the "T3 Folks" on 20 May 2013
Paul Swartz was school SGM in the early 2000s. He is an accomplished antique furniture repairman and has his own shop in Old Town Alexandria.
John Jens told me; "When I was OIC of one of the proto-type terrain analysis teams in the 649th we learned to 'print on the fly' ...!"
For a guy that threw a bowling ball in an Unorthodox style, Don Roberts always managed to beat the best on any given night
Don Roberts
Who says teaching is all warm and cozy and always indoors?? Sgts Tom Folgate and Rick Rogers during an BGS outdoor Practical Exercise. Probably circa 1980 or 81
OK Tom.... I'll take your word for it that If I don't have my Instructor badge I don't have to be out here. Tell-you-what... let me borrow yours and you go in and get warm. This fuzzzy hood is comfortable enough for me.
Rose and John Aranza (RIP).  John worked at the school from around 1967 to 1995 as a civilian and before that while in the Army.  He was a student back in '47.
SSG Bower is determining the exact distance from his EDME to Bill Sutton's head using the HP DME-8
Jack said - it took almost twenty-five years but I can finally zap SFC(Ret) Stu Lobel with a "Safety Violation“ (see insert) wearing a watch while working on an offset press!! Gotcha Stu!!! Paybacks are great!! Joking aside, Stu worked at DMS for many years before retiring around 1993 as an SFC. Presently he works at The Mass Transit Print Shop, in Broward County, Florida as the Manager, Supervisor, and Printer, rolled up in one, in other words he is the print shop! In this picture Stu is working on a brand new Heidelberg printing press his shop just got in this year (2012). Stu and his wife, Lisa, live in Boca Raton, Florida
LTC (Ret) Jim Hey (RIP), MSgt (Ret) Ron Dorman and MSGySgt (Ret) Bill Sutton --circa early 1980s(?)
L to R Bill Sutton, Al Yovorsky, Karl Abt and Lylton Jackson
Sergeant Major of the Army Jack L. Tilley with the then present school Sergeant Major Cecilio Rodriguez - circa 2004
SGM Jesus Vega circa.2008
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Coins and Badges
Courtesy of Virgil Tarry