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16 March 2017
Greetings T3 folks -

Sad news to forward.  I received the following message from retired DMSr Troy Carpenter last week:


I just learned from his son Robert, that Henry (Woody) Wooldridge had passed away in Ohau, Hawaii. Woody was at DMS between 1975 and 1980. He was an instructor there at Wheeler Hall in the cartographic/multiplex section. Woody was a good friend and I remember watching the pro football games at his house there on Belvoir. I know after he left Belvoir he became a drill SGT out at Ft. Leonardwood. He did serve in Vietnam on riverboats down in the Delta. In his early days, he was with the 29th at Oji Camp in Tokyo, probably the 34th?

Troy D. Carpenter
Huachuca City, AZ”

Always sad to pass along information like this.  I attached a December 1977  “Contour” photo/article of Woody that Troy was able to locate. Thanks Troy.  I wasn’t able to locate an obituary which should have had funeral information and the like.

For those of you that don’t know it a complete run of the Contour from 1974 until 1992 is on line on our website that is run by Ray Chapman.   Thanks Ray!

Also had an email from Lynn Keleher.  Lynn was a fixture at DMS from around 1985 (mini guess) to just a year or so ago.  Lynn changed her email address to:   Evidently AOL has gotten greedy lately and Lynn did the smart thing and jumped shipped from them.  Thanks for remembering to inform us Lynn.

Our last luncheon which was on the 13th was one shy of a dozen.  Two photos are attached.  Thanks to the photo taking skills of our waitress image1 is of the entire group.  Left side Bill Sutton, Moi, Don Roberts, Karl Abt, Benie Lynch and Pearl McCray.  Right side Russ Cavender, Tonya Cavender, Bill Portt, Virgil Tarry and Bill McCray.   We had a new member join us.  Bennie Lynch, shown in image3 with cohort Virgil Tarry  was a handy-man at DMS for many years joined us for the first time.  Bennie looked the same as evidently retirement hasn’t caused him to age at all.  A few us were talking about our monthly gatherings.  We have been doing it now for a good four years - probably longer.  The remarkable thing about it is that we have had folks join us that are as old as 91 and as young as Barney Free’s granddaughter who was around three or so and we have not lost anyone from our group.  So if you would like a shot at the possibility of immortality you need to join us for lunch on the second Monday of every odd numbered month or dinner  the evening of the second Monday of every even numbered month.  So when is the next opportunity?  Glad you asked - 10 April - even month so it is evening dinner - around 1830 at the China King across Opitz Blvd from the Olive Garden.  More than likely I’ll send out another pain in the butt reminder before then. 

I always strive to try and give you updates and news as accurately as possible.  Virgil Tarry politely told me that I lied on at least two occasions.  So I guess I better confess.  Virgil told me that in at least two emails I reported he was there but he wasn’t.  That shows that he memory of the male is indeed a shortcoming.  I thought he was there - he thought he wasn’t - I have a tendency to believe he was the one right.  That’s what I get for waiting several weeks before sending my update.    He was there this time!!  I think………

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