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5 Dec 2017
Greetings T3 Folks -

Hope all had a great Thanksgiving as well as plans for the upcoming Holiday Season.  Our Thanksgiving was great except for the turkey roasting of my Redskins by the Cowboys.  Congrats Barney!

I’ve got a couple things to pass along but only because I screwed up the past couple months and failed to mention them.

First - Bob “a.ka. Bobby Spoons” Urban managed to fall and bust up his body pretty bad several months ago.  Memory says it was a shoulder and leg he broke.  I’m probably wrong but being the United States Marine he is has enabled him to get healing and back on his feet.  Bob is a great friend and true DMS icon.  Hope he continues and is able to visit up again soon for dinner or lunch.

Second - Stu Lobel who retired from the Army in the early 90’s has called it quits again and reretired.  He retired from Broward County at least a month ago.  I heard from Stu last month when he faithfully called me to make sure I didn’t forget my birthday last month.  Stu’s is a day off of mine although I had four candles on my cake when he was born.   For over twenty years he was the printing force of Broward County in Florida.  I’m sure he will be missed by them.    Congrats again Stu!  His bride Lisa will be following suit very shortly. Perhaps a trip up north to join us in the future??

Bt the way I stole the term reretire from Colonel Ed Wintz, RIP.  On a recorded phone message he congratulated Bill Sutton on “reretiring” when Bill left the civilian ranks around 2000.  Bill is doing well and joins us virtually every time for our lunch get-togethers.  Want to see Bill?  Now you know how!

Now a couple things that shouldn’t bother me but sort of do.  My bride enjoys watching cooking shows that show teams of folks spending several hours to create a monster of a display recognizing some thing or event.  Within the past month there have been two contests involving ginger bread houses - one for the largest and one for the smallest.  The largest could have served as a storage shed but if the termites didn’t get to it the ants would have.  Oh these shows have done it all - pumpkin carving, Disney creations, Christmas themes and the like.  Usually the themes, although all made from food, don’t really perk up the appetite well at all.  The Halloween themes seem to have the emphasis on ghouls and ghosts.  Not exactly a food for thought.  So what’s my point on all this? Oh yeah - at the conclusion of each segment the team, usually three  cooks, much like our students on the presses, stand there and explain what they did and why.  That’s where I have my distraction.  Those of you that were in press will recall our students being issued aprons to protect their uniforms.  Some would draw on them, some just put their names.  Safety was always emphasized on the press.  The apron strings would have to be tied around the back or underneath up front so they wouldn’t get caught in a running printing press.  I see the TV cooks with their apron strings out and I find myself yelling “safety violation”.  Guess I’m getting old.  I’m sure Stu would be proud of me.

Got several replies from a Bill Jentz.  He is a map maker extraordinaire that I believe works at the Pentagon.  He was trying to make contact with anyone that knows him.  Anyone??

Also have someone looking to locate “Georgia” that was the custodian at Wheeler in the 80s.  Anyone??

Looking for new folks to join us for dinner.  Anyone??  Guess I got carried away.

Don’t forget to check out our website.  Ray Chapman has been doing an awesome job.

Our last lunch was well attended.  We were fourteen - hope to see more but I am always pleased with what we have.   Next dinner is this coming Monday, December 11th,  at around 1830 hours.  Same place, the China King in Woodbridge across Opitz Boulevard from the Olive Garden. Spouses, relatives, friends etc are welcome!  Even month, evening dinner.  Next one after this is next year…..hope the weather cooperates.

No close encounters of the DMS kind lately.  Are you all avoiding me?   Miss you all!!!!

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