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4 Sep 2018

Greetings T3 Folks -

Labor Day has gone - hope the three day vacation was great for you still working folks.  I used to really enjoy all the “holidays” as nothing beats a day off with pay.  Now as the rest of the retirees can attest the holiday with pay kind of has a different meaning.  After all every day is a holiday now but with a different meaning and of course less bucks.  Plus stealing an extra five minutes for lunch is no fun either once you retire.  Now Breakfast is rise and shine - 1030 -  lunch 1030 - 1600 and dinner from 1600 to sleep.    One look at me and you can tell I really follow those hours.  Bad thing is that with that schedule there is no time allowed for snacking.

Ok - my best news is from outside our school house that I heard about two and a half weeks ago is this - Our beloved Sergeant Major Jochim (John) Mazur is being honored unlike any other former DMS Staff member.  He is being inducted into the Agency Hall of Fame.  The SGM is being recognized for his part in being a member of the Agency’s Operation Desert Storm Logistics Team.  Although we have had over a thousand members of DMS supporting the mission of the  Agency SGM Mazur to the best of my knowledge will be the first ever former DMSr to be inducted.  My sincere congratulations goes out to the SGM for this accomplishment.  I am planning on attending the ceremony with a huge smile on my face.   I am hoping that he flies up from Florida a couple days early and attends our luncheon.  (hint, hint, hint).  Congratulations Sergeant Major!!

Speaking of which with September being an odd numbered month we meet for lunch.  The second Monday this month is the 10th.  So from around 1130 - 1330 or so the place to gather is the China King in Woodbridge located across Opitz Blvd from the Olive Garden.

Our August dinner was as usual was fun.  We celebrated Gene Tatum’s 93rd birthday.  As you may or may not recall Gene is a Vietnam War, Korean War, and World War II vet. I tried to  convince him he is only 31 for the third time.  I talked with him yesterday and he told me that he informed Fairfax County that he will be available to substitute teach again this year.  He says he enjoys it and as long as he does he will do it.  He probably gets called at least once a week.  The kids love him!!

So not much to report today although what I did report is super -- I don’t recall any Close Encounters of the DMS kind the past month.  I hope to see some familiar faces at the induction ceremony.

Lunch - 1130 or so - 10 September - China King, Woodbridge, Virginia.

                                                                Jack  540-846-5413