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Brian's Blog 2016/04/09 - Sailing to Philadelphia
Brian's Blog 2015/04/04  --Earthrise
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Northing & Easting in Brian's It's Throwback Thursday!
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I started my Northing & Easing blog because I feel that the history of topography & map making doesn't get the attention is deserves, and in particular the Army's contribution to the effort. By any measure the Army Map Service was one of the premiere mapping agencies in the world, yet you have to dig hard and deep to find any substantive history about it. It's as though the Corps of Engineers are embarrassed by their history. I'd bet a month's wages that if you walked into a conference of senior Engineer officers and asked the question "Can you name the agency that developed the Military Grid Reference System?" all you'd get back are blank stares.

Well that's about it for now. Gents, thanks for your time. I'll keep checking out the DMS website and if I may I'd like to call on you occasionally for some assistance in some blog posts I'm putting together."
Brian circa 1990