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Greetings T3 Folks -


My feelings exactly - thank you all for making our reunion something I will never forget. 

Some of you deserve special recognition - Jerome Leary kept the pressure on - he organized the color guard and although the National Anthem had to be sung by all no one complained.   Jerome did the programs and they were excellent.  A snafu with his laptop prevented his slide show from being shown but with a little luck he will get the show to Ray to put on our website so all will not be lost.   Jerome had to burn a lot of midnight oil last week and I fully appreciate it. Thanks Jerome and also to Russ Gaines for being there as well.

The cake turned out perfect!  The O’Club handled the ordering of it and picking it up.  The cake design I provided was followed perfectly and turned out better than I had hoped for.  A tad bit of more than likely unknown DMS Schoolhouse history as to the best of my knowledge this was the absolute first time that “Strength Through Knowledge” was spelled correctly on a ceremonial cake.  I have seen it messed up in the seal as well as a written out motto.   Well done!  And as long as I am thanking the O’Club the cooks also deserved a pat on the back as the food was super.  And the servers didn’t miss a beat either.  So a perfect mark goes to Xenia Chapman and her crew at the O’Club - Ray please convey my sincere thanks to her!!  Thanks!

Thanks also go out to two folks that were not there.  Colonel Bob Kirsch and MSgt Bob Urban donated their checks to the payment of the cake.   Bob  Kirsch couldn’t make it because his wife Peg had surgery.  Bob Urban couldn’t make it because he had surgery.  I am sure I am not alone in wishing fast healing to both and also sincere thanks for providing the funding of the cake.  Do I dare call it Bobbing for cake?

Oh - did I mention anything about the cake?  An impromptu cake cutting by the Magnificent Seven  - Our past Directors/Commandants/Dean - Colonels Nichols, Slusar, Clark, Vincent, Maune and Harrison along with Dean Daugherty was superbly accomplished and a school historical moment - I have served under every one of the twenty former head honchos of the school house except for the last one and first one.   With seven of them there I am pretty sure we have NEVER had that many in one place at one time.   And although three of them had their hands on a knife at the same time I never felt threatened.  Great job guys - thanks!!

And the thanks continue - Thanks go out to Allen Anderson, our 1946 student for giving us some insight into his training.  Allen also gave us a bit of information about the NGA Alumni Association.  He sent me an information sheet as well as an application form to attach to this email.  Hope I can figure out how to do it!

Both Colonel Maune and Dave Dougherty also deserve a pat on the back  for their historical insights into out proud profession. 

The furthest travelers award goes to Jim Harnden and his daughter.  The most dapper dressed award goes to George Bass.  The family with the most former DMSrs goes to SGM Jake and Charlotte Bernard wsith two.  I awarded myself the most winded award. 

An apology and a thanks go to the Rickey Lang and to Tiffany Epps.  Thanks to Tiffany for doing the Invocation and the blessing - apologies to Rickey Lang because I forgot he had asked to do it and I forgot.   I felt bad about that.

We were seventy-one counting my bride and I.  We also had several no shows.  Dana Reeves had car trouble, Gene Tatum had foot trouble and Jason Dyals and Len Good I don’t know why.   They had all paid and I will be getting a refund to them.  Boomer Locke’s bride Beverly had surgery as well otherwise they would have been there.  Robert Spenser had also planned on coming and I don’t know why he didn’t.  

I know this is late Sunday and more than likely won’t be read until sometime Monday by most but Monday is our normal second Monday of the month lunch at the China King in Woodbridge.  At least three long distance travelers will be joining us - Jim Harnden and his daughter  had flown in from Arizona and Will Freeze in from Missouri.  If you would like to see them again you need to join us around 1130 hours. 

Should be three attachments - Allen’s,  the Alumni Association application and info sheet and a bit of nostalgia I created that was to be a part of the slide show that didn’t make it.   I did a similar thing when my mother out-law turned a hundred and I believed our school deserved a similar recognition.  I just looked at my finished project I sent Jerome and evidently I did a poor job of saving the work so only the main part is attached now.  The finished project will be redone later this week.

If I didn’t mention your name above please insert it in your mind now and accept my thanks.  Will we do it again?  Up to you.  Personally I am winded but it’s a good wind.  

Reminder that, ouch, today is tomorrow already so later today is our lunch at the China King in Woodbridge around 1130 hours.  Hope ya can make it.

Oh - more thanks - to the dependents that traveled with their DMSr I am also grateful.  Hope you had a good time as well.  My bride actually enjoyed it. 

And to all of you that said thanks I say thanks for saying thanks.  Basically everyone said it.  It made it all worthwhile.

Apologies for forgetting whatever I forgot. Oh - thanks for booing only once.  (The Gates family).  I thought it was funny.  

                                                                                                Jack 540-846-5413