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100th Anniversary -- 11 May 2018
An impromptu cake cutting by the Magnificent Seven  - Our past Directors /Commandants /Dean - Colonels Nichols, Slusar, Clark, Dean Daugherty, Maune, Vincent, and Harrison was superbly accomplished and a school historical moment (click on photo for larger view)

Will  Freeze_Garrett Moore_ Jim Harnden
Jack - Great job on the reunion and yesterday’s luncheon, as usual! I attached a couple of photos of me with Wil Freeze and Jim Harnden. BTW, Wil turned 86 today (5/15).

Wil was one of my teachers in the D/Topo “Topographic Surveyor Course” in 1964 when I went through after USAF basic training. He had just returned from a PCS in Iran. He and an Air Force SSgt named Bender taught the astro azimuth portion of the course and used the then relatively new planetarium for star identification. Twenty years later, Wil worked for me when I was head of the Survey Division, so we came full circle. (I replaced Bob Jones as the head of the Survey Division when he retired.) Wil was the GS-11 course writer for Construction Survey. Dale worked for me too as the course writer for Instrument Repair.

During my first stint at DMS (1973-77) as an Air Force NCO, I worked closely with Jim Harden, who had returned as a civilian after retiring from the Army as a CW3. He was the new head of the AGS course in 1974. We worked together in AGS for three years (Wayne Gleason too), then Jim left to become DMS Editor, and I left to become an Army Warrant Officer. My first Army assignment was right across the street from DMS behind the fence at the Mobility Equipment Research and Development Command (MERADCOM), which later became the Belvoir Research, Development and Engineering Center (BRADEC). I spent five years there, then Chief Tom Nolta and I traded seats-he went to MERADCOM and I went back to DMS. I retired from DMS in 1987.


DMS 100th Anniversary featured in the Belvoir Eagle

The Castle Newspaper circa 1918
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