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Slow again I am - this will be fast (I know, I promised that before).  Basically all I got is to remind all capable of traveling that our next routine semi-monthly dinner is this coming Monday evening, October 8th (Columbus Day) at 1830 hours or so at the same place, China King across from the Olive Garden on Opitz Blvd in Woodbridge.

There is a good chance a different DMSr will be joining us.  Tom Baybrook who was an Army Captain then Major in TSD in the early 80ís has us on his calendar.  Due to my ongoing email problems he may be not notified again since my contact with him several weeks ago.   Tom retired I believe as a LTC.  In his early DMS days he was a pillar in the Dial a Captain community.  I played softball with him and he was one of a very few that could hit it over the fence on our team.  Hope he joins us.

Those of you with good memories may recall that SGM John Mazur was going into the Agency HOF last month.  Good news is that he is in, bad news was the hurricane in Florida and the Carolinas prevented him from attending the induction ceremony.  His cancelled flight will be turned into another trip up this way so I hope to have an advance warning so perhaps he will join us on one of the upcoming second Mondays of the month.  He said he would try.

I still made the trip up to the Agency the day of the ceremony.  Part of the itinerary was a tour of the Agency Museum.  The very first item when you entered the area was a copy of the Manual Noriega records when he was a student of our Panama course.  Hopefully DMS will be a subject of one of their rotating displays in the future.

My trip there solidified my reason for retiring - traffic!  Seems like it gets worse every year.  My heart goes out to all of you still fighting the brake lights.

And for those of you that know me well and are keeping count we just got our 129th VW.  My wifeís VW Routan, a Chrysler product, started having major issues and now has left our family.  Hopefully the VW Atlas we just got lasts the rest of our lives.  Both my scandalous diesel VWs are still doing great.

As a reminder there are lots of DMS Anniversary pictures on our web site.  Check it out!

See you Monday?

                Jack  (540) 846-5413