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8 Jan 19
Greetings T3 Folks -

New year, same old Jack - I’m slow still.  Next lunch, 1130 hrs until exhaustion sets in, is next Monday the 14th of January at the China King off of Opitz Blvd in Woodbridge, Virginia as usual.

I have to apologize to the family of Bob Millians for not forwarding the notification of his passing on last November.  I didn’t receive the information until after our last dinner in December.  The email I received from his widow, Beverley Millians is as follows:

“Thank you for your emails to Bob Millians. I am just reading and clearing out his phone so thought I would let you know that he passed away Nov 23,2018. He did enjoy his time at DMS and Ft Belvoir so I am sure he enjoyed your updates.

I taught for the Md Society of Surveyors with Chris Nohe, Dave Moulton and Pat Kowalski. I saw Dave was a recipient of your email and I knew that Chris had died years ago. What about Pat? 

Thank you

Beverley Millians”

If any of you can help Beverley with her request as to the whereabouts of Pat Kowalski please let Bev or myself know.  Bob Millians was at DMS I am guessing early 90s.  If we were to ever have a DMS Got Talent Show Bob would have been a contestant as he entertained us often with what he called Whoey Sticks.  Sorry about what I am sure is incorrect spelling but I don’t know if it was whoey, huey, ohey, or what.  But he would have two sticks and while telling an interesting story would have them spinning like the top of a helicopter.  It was talent for sure and well appreciated.  There was a story about him and his sticks in the Contour.  Perhaps you can find it on our famous www.BelvoirDMS.Org web page.  Condolenes to his friends and family.

In my last email because of trying to build up my email distribution list I asked if anyone had received my email more than once so that I could edit out repeated ones.  Only one person said it was received twice and that was AF John DePuy.  Thank you for replying John and apologies for the inconvenience.  Hopefully I’ll have it removed this time.

One of my favorite things is Close Encounters of the DMS Kind and I had three the past month - one in person and the anothers on the phone.  It was a week or so before Christmas at the Quantico Exchange when I noticed someone that looked familiar.  Not trusting memory I jockeyed for position for a better look and my efforts were rewarded with a “Hi Jack” (don’t say that at an airport) .  It was Bill Watts - oh, oh - memory again - Bill I believe retired as an Army LTC.  He served both in Wheeler Hall and Ops if the memory doesn’t let me down.  Gray hair was the only thing that was different on him.  We talked for a while and as usual I was happy to see a former DMSr.   And also the past month I have had phone conversations with newly fully retired Stu Lobel who resides in Boca Raton, Florida and also with Bob Urban who is freshly healed from a kamikaze off some steps at his home in New Jersey.  Both Bob and Stu with respective families are doing great and both have promised to get to one (or more) of our second Monday of every month get togethers.  Reference to top sentence - next one is next Monday the 14th of January at the China King off of Opitz Blvd in Woodbridge, Virginia as usual.  (I love copy and paste!).  Thanks for calling guys!!!!

For those of you that are keeping track of the Batt cat population we now have a dirty dozen in the house right now.  The last two are scheduled for a gender alteration tomorrow providing I can catch both in the morning.   One of them loves to dive under the couch.  Anyone want a nice indoor fixed cat?  Litter boxed trained?  Pllllleeeezzzeee???  Yes, we are incatsurated - love my contribution to Websters.

Remember the old game show “Match Game” that was on in the 70s?  I thought I had my claim to fame solidified a couple weeks ago.  The “Super Audience Money Match” was “blank bat”.  Sadly I wasn’t one of the top three answers - in fact I probably wasn’t in anyone’s mind back in the 70s.  Perhaps someone watching it two weeks ago thought of me - probably not.  The answers were from last to first were, “blind as a”, “Ding” (thought of you Barney B”), and “Baseball”.  Then the Super Celebrity Match was “blank man”.  The contestant guessed “Batt Man” and was wrong.  Ok, he probably didn’t intend for it to have two t’s.  Give me credit for trying (again).

If you have me in an email listing please add in in your list.  Keep as that is also working and actually primary.  My neighbor worked on my computer and made a new email address for me.  I get the outlook one on the computer and the comcast one on my phone.  Not that life was already confusing enough for me……………..

Time marches on - this coming June will be ten years since I retired as a civilian - for those of you that thought you got rid of me then all I can say it “nanny nanny boo boo!!”

Hope to see as many of you as possible next Monday - God Bless -

                                Jack Batt 540-846-5413