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25 Oct 2018
Greetings T3 Folks -

I have a few things to pass on - the first of which is unfortunately sad.  I received an email from Rick Rogers, who I believe was Air Force at DMS from 1979-83.  I was not aware of the fact that Rick’s in-laws were SFC(Ret) Bill (DMS 1968-78) and Frances Dean.  Bill was a DMS Charter Member.  Rick married their daughter and I have to apologize that I don’t know her name (Mrs Rogers…).  Anyway Bill Dean’s wife Fran passed away this past October 17th.  I thought I had found an obituary and actually had it pasted below only to find out the Frances Dean I found died October 17th, 2011.  She also had a husband named Bill.  Small world.  Anyway our thoughts and prayers go out to the Dean and Rogers family.  If you want anymore information please email Rick at  Thanks for letting us know Rick

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Harold (Hess) Hester a little over a year ago turned over the Defense Mapping School website so he could pursue other interests.  If you thought Hess just faded away to sit in a rocking chair, you would be wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth.  What is Hess up to today?  Visit his website at  As Hess puts it " glance at the "book" page that lists my 5 novels plus a damn good cook book and something around 40 "short Stories".  I have just today published another novel titled "Remembering Tomorrow"..   
Bob Urban “Bobby Spoons” is part of a Bluegrass Band called :The Accidental Jug Band”.  They just released a CD  called Whitesbog Boogie.  Bob, a charter DMSr, retired Marine and overall great guy, plays the harmonica and the spoons.  You can search their Facebook page, like it, and also get the instructions of how to buy their CD.
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Defense Mapping School
100th Anniversary -- 11 May 2018
Anyone on Facebook that would like to share with the group?

I wonder what Bill Sutton is up to lately.  You can find him on Facebook at this link:
Bill Sutton Facebook

Coins and Badges

Photo's of various Coins and Badges over the years.
Courtesy of Virgil Tarry

Russell Gaines retires after 38 years of service.
Narratives and pictures furnished by Jack Batt.
Some pictures of four surveyors from the 30th Eng Bn (TOPO) taken at Ft DuPont, DE in March 1940. Courtesy of Rick Rogers, MSgt, USAF (ret)
An impromptu cake cutting by the Magnificent Seven  - Our past Directors /Commandants /Dean - Colonels Nichols, Slusar, Clark, Dean Daugherty, Maune, Vincent, and Harrison was superbly accomplished and a school historical moment (click on photo for larger view)

Thank you Jack Batt for putting together a fantastic 100th anniversary event. Everyone had a great time catching up with old friends and colleagues.

See the collection of photos on the DMS Anniversary page. If you have any photos or stories to share, please send them via e-mail.

-Ray Chapman -  
National Geospatial Intelligence Alumni Association Membership Information.

NGAA Membership Application

Mapmaking Process

1973 Training Film
The movie is courtesy of Joe Zebrowski - DMS Instructor 2001-2004. YouTube Video

Fort Belvoir Website
Part of the Bluegrass Band called "The Accidental Jug Band"
I wonder what Bill Sutton is up to lately.  You can find him on Facebook at this link: